Daniel Rodriguez Pre-Google Portfolio

Dragon Age Legends (BioWare San Francisco)

Social RPG developed for Facebook and Google+.

“Enjoy this epic, free online RPG adventure game from BioWare. Battle demons and darkspawn with your friends, earn loot and build the ultimate castle in this epic free online RPG.”

Developed: Quest system, Tutorial system, Goal system, managed player state persistence on client and server, Item icon generator, general optimizations to older parts of the codebase.
Technologies: ActionScript 3.0, Java, Google protobuf.

Play Dragon Age Legends on Facebook or Google+!!

Deathmosphere: Silent Kraken

Casual shooter created using the Unity3d game engine.  The motivation behind this game was to test my abilities as a programmer and team leader, and to obtain experience and presence in the indie scene. Deathmosphere was created by a small team of artists, sound and game designers, and me as the only programmer.

Developed: Ship flocking algorithms, all game logic, game manager systems, social network integration. Unique programmer of the project.
Technologies: C#, Unity3d, JavaScript.

Play the game. (Work in progress)


Kaxan Games

During my time at Kaxan Games I worked a Unity3d game for the web that was released on Facebook. I coded path navigation algorithms, created tools for level designers, and done a lot of game logic. The game was created by a small team of about 8 people, where we were 2 programmers (I was senior to the other one). I provided code reviews and done pair programming.


TransformUtilities for Unity3d: Silent Kraken

Set of tools for manipulation game object transforms in the Unity3d game engine.  Provides the user with the ability to copy, randomize (in 2 different ways) and align the position, rotation and scale of any 3d object inside Unity. Released under MIT licence.

Technologies: C#, Unity3d editor backend and tool creation.

Article for TransformUtilities.
Download the script.


Oken: Silent Kraken (Cancelled indie title)

Oken was an attempt to create a 3d  platformergame using the Unity3d game engine.  Unfortunately, due to some team problems and the lack of time to develop (as we were students) the project was cancelled.

Developed: Character control FSM, Smooth camera transition system, game logic.
Technologies: C#, Unity3d.

Oken article.
Play Oken movement test level.


AutumnFall: An ActionScript 3.0 Game Engine

AutumnFall is a new ActionScript 3 game development framework for casual games. It is designed to let you build flash games as quickly as possible, offering time saving features and game oriented tools. Currently it supports:

  • Application / Game loading system.
  • Extensible window system
  • Gui manager that lets you take control over every single UI component (windows, forms, alerts, etc).
  • Form system (with form validation)
  • Sound handlers / Sound managers
  • Asset loading system that supports bulk loading
  • Extensible loading screen system fully integrated with the asset loading system
  • Game display logic (Layers, Scenes)
  • Game objects system
  • Component system (As in Unity3d ) that let you control the behavior of your game objects
  • Game data and Score system for data persistency.

Currently I am considering to integrate this work with other technologies like the Push Button Engine. As soon as I decide where to go next I will continue to update the codebase.

Developed: I am the only developer of this project.
Technologies: ActionScript 3.0,  PHP, SQL.

Google project hosting with source code.


Store simulator: 3dmx studios

I worked on a store simulator game prototype using the DxStudio game engine for a very important Mexican company. The purpose of the game was to train store managers in some important abilities they would need. It resembles “The Sims” franchise, but in a much smaller scale.

Developed: All game logic. Unique developer.


Camino a Francia: 3dmx Studios French Embassy in Mexico

In cooperation with Mexican and French professionals and students, we created web-based 3D adventure game for the French Embassy in Mexico, using the Unity3d game engine. It is a point and click game prototype developed by a multicultural team during 3 months.

Developed: Implementation of the A* path finding algorithm, generated level edition tools for placing and manipulating waypoints, character navigation in the scene.
Technologies: C#, Unity3d editor backend and tool creation.


Kaxan games

During the year I worked at Kaxan games, I worked on the Emergent’s Gamebryo Lightspeed game engine, creting a set of backend tools for other game develoepers including:

  • A collision detection system with bindings for Lua scripts (relying on Gamebryo’s  own collision system).
  • A material service with bindings for Lua scripts, that allows to change material properties of any game object.
  • Designed part of the global architecture for the games.

I also provided training, support and orientation for teams working on the Unity3d engine.

Technologies: C++, Lua, Swig, Gamebryo Ligthspeed game engine, Unity3d.


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