Daniel Rodriguez Profile

Software engineer and gameplay programmer with interest in on-device artificial intelligence, user privacy, UX and game design.

At Google, I work on on-device ML applications, including experiments and speculative user feature design, as well as infrastructure to support those features as part of the Pixel lineup. I have worked on UX for wearable computers on Google Glass and new interaction models for Google Cast focused on gaming. I led a team of Android engineers to launch a set of features on Google Maps and was the Android tech lead for Google Trusted Contacts. Also developed and launched the Game Manager APIs as part of Google Play Services 7.5 and was an IO speaker in 2015.

I have experience working on agile teams and rapid prototyping environments. I have taught various courses on game programming and data structures as well as technical workshops on those topics.
where you can find more information about me:

  • I have a professional profile and CV on LinkedIn here.
  • This is my pre-google game development project portfolio.

Work Statement

To create innovative, appealing and successful interactive experiences for the people to consume, focusing on game design and exploring new technologies and methodologies, working in a team of highly talented people, always ready to share knowledge.